How you can help

Some ways Portland, Oregon folks can support the people of Ukraine and their loved-ones


Welcome Refugees

President Biden has announced that the U.S. will receive 100,000 refugees from the War on Ukraine. Although they are currently experiencing delays at our southern border, they may begin to arrive in our cities soon.

Political Action

The Armed Forces and civilian population of Ukraine have amazed the world with their tremendous courage and unity, holding fast against the aggression of the Russian superpower. But in the face of his unexpected losses, it's most likely that Putin will double down.

In time, we know that Putin's regime will fall, but the cost to the people of Ukraine rises with every day of occupation. To end the war quickly requires significant military and humanitarian aid and a united EU and NATO. While citizens of Ukraine stop tanks with their bodies, we must try to keep our government officials focused on this war, and let them know we are willing to tighten the belt for a victory on which the future of Europe and the free world depends.

Working together we can raise awareness through...

Reach out to Neighbors

Many of our neighbors have family and friends living in dangerous conditions in Ukraine or in refugee camps. Familes have been broken up and loved ones have been lost. We should do what we can to give moral support!